Video Mastering


Digital File Delivery

Post Haste’s dynamic encoding and decoding processes power your UHD, HD, and SD workflows. We ingest from any media, data or tape, including conversions. We then transcode to create a wide range of file formats to meet your delivery requirements. We offer current file wrapping, such as IMF, DCP, J2K, AVI, EST VOD, Broadcast Quality tape replacement files and all Quicktime codecs. We utilize Interra’s Baton to insure file quality and integrity. Any problems detected can be rectified in the same facility, whether audio or video, to assure on-time deliverables that are right the first time.


Visual Effects

Post Haste can employ 2D and 3D virtual camera compositing technologies to offer imaginative solutions for even your most troublesome problems. Remove wires and boom microphones. Fill-in ceilings on a set. Match-move to replace images: change signs, logos or pictures on walls. Mask (blur) faces for legal purposes. We will show you how you can truly “fix it in post”.



With Post Haste’s Creative Video Suite, we utilize The Pixel Farm’s PFClean and Adobe software including Premiere Pro, After Effects and (loaded with industry standard plug-ins) to remove scratches, pixel and other artifacts from your project. Our advanced technology will also stabilize images, like shaking title cards, with no degradation of images.


Quality Control

Post Haste’s experienced staff is ready to give your project the highest levels of quality control, offering complete source QC and 100% viewing with full reports. Our expert technical liaisons communicate with you to offer timely in-house solutions for any problems detected. Our quality control bays can accommodate any size job on a quick turnaround, and are available with our seasoned operators, or for third-party QC.

To supplement our in-house QC staff, we use Baton by Interra Systems (  Baton is an enterprise class automated file-based QC solution used around the world.



Post Haste offers complete standard conversions and duplication services that are unmatched for quality of both product and service.  We use Tenarex converters, and formats available include HDCAM SR, HDD5, HDCAM, DBC, DVCam, and Beta SP, as well as audio and data duplication. Inquire also for any formats not listed!   Move that material from old, unsupported formats to newer standards.  Post Haste can handle any size order on a fast turnaround, and our expert customer service representative carefully follow-thru on each job, so that orders are free of technical glitches, including troublesome labeling errors. Our computerized inventory and vaulting systems assure the secure movement of your masters and new materials until your job is complete, always on time, and courier service is available to meet your urgent needs.


Creative Video Editorial

When you require broadcast, syndication or airline versions, our seasoned editors will meet your needs. We utilize Adobe Premiere Pro to create and edit from 4K down. Whether it’s to edit for time or censorship, or repurposing for different platforms, Post Haste is there for you. We will also format materials to your broadcast specifications by adding textless, bumpers and trailers. As always, it’s done with the greatest of care.


Localization, Subtitling and Title Design

Post Haste offers a full range of on-screen graphics services including:

  • Localization
    • Using client’s material, Post Haste will replace English titles, credits and signs with foreign language text that match the original font.
  • Subtitling
    • From your script document or data, we will create aesthetically pleasing and readable subtitles, using the latest software.
  • Creative Title Design
    • More than just text over picture, Post Haste can design distinctive, original title sequences in animated 3D, or using particle effect, create astounding imagery! Also, we can generate credits for either card or crawl.

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