Archival & Migration


Here at Post Haste Digital we provide a wealth of media migration services that include everything from consultation on migrating an institutional library collection to creating disaster recovery copies of already existing archives. We believe strongly in the legacy of archival philosophy, but in todays ever changing digital landscape, it can become difficult to secure long lasting, far reaching archives that will survive into the next age. We strive to provide as comprehensive a solution as possible for every migration need large and small. Be it television series, features, music scores, or anything recorded to analogue tape; Post Haste is the trusted leader in migrating your assets to the digital realm.


Media Migration Consultation:

One of our key services revolves around providing consultation on a planned migration of any form or size. We work directly with you on developing a tailored plan that will meet the needs of the material being migrated as well as planning into the future so your archive does not become obsolete or irretrievable. We approach every migration project with care for the elements and cost efficiency in mind to give the largest benefit possible to the elements themselves and the client.


Film & Tape Preparation:

From the first moment any media element comes through our doors we are inspecting and cataloging all of the various characteristics of each individual piece. We have detailed protocols built to handle any assortment of media including damaged and mishandled elements. Through careful evaluation and treatment we are able to bring new life to tapes thought to be too damaged or deteriorated to playback. Our technicians treat each elements unique issues with care and focus to replace old splices, treat sticky-shed syndrome, mold, and so much more. 


Audio Digitizing and Ingest:

We specialize in creating pristine digital duplicates of any physical media you possess. We have cultivated an extensive collection of original analog and digital equipment formats that allow us to service an extremely wide variety of libraries and catalogs. Our engineers have accumulated decades of experience across the industry and spend their expertise maintaining the obsolete and cutting edge gear that will allow you to bring new life to your titles.


Audio Technical QC:

A vital part of any comprehensive migration is Quality Control. We have developed extensive QC protocols that can be tailored to any project and budget. From the most basic spot check to 100% technical and content QC passes; our QC services can vary to meet your needs providing detailed summaries and QC reports outlining all of the essential details of your migrated media. It is essential that you leave our studio with the confidence you need to take your material with you onto the next project.


Data Migration / Duplication:

Like every other medium, digital media isn’t immune to degradation and format obsolescence. It is vitally important that you guard against these pitfalls by ensuring your content is being migrated regularly to a more current archival medium. We maintain a wealth of legacy data formats that will allow you to smoothly transition your content to a newer more universal standard that will make it viable for years to come! Our data team is always on the hunt for the rarest and most obscure formats to expand our capabilities and support our clients essential media into the future.


Media Management Services:

On top of our technical services we have been providing administrative support to assist our clients with selecting, organizing, and tracking their catalog through the migration process. We provide these services to reduce the burden for our clients and streamline the execution of their migration project. We have been expanding this service to include layers of detail that will give you a content and information rich deliverable that is ready for the next step in whatever project you have planned. One of our recent additions includes full element photo scans of the packaging and supplemental paper material that are then included with the transfer for later use. These details will give you all the luxury and feeling of holding the original element in your hands again without having to maintain the physical asset itself!

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